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Protein is a very important nutrient and it contains all sorts of benefits for health. Protein is also the friendliest nutrient for weight loss. Diets with a high protein rate reduces appetite and reduce food cravings by 60% and the desire for late night time snacking by 50%.   


By weight, chia seeds are approximately 14% protein, which is very high compared to most plants. One 28 gram serving contains 4.4 grams of protein, nearly 10 per cent of the daily value. Dr. Wayne Coates has a known reputation in the field of chia seeds and according to the doctor chia seeds are comprised of at least 20 percent protein. This protein is not just protein but high-quality The amino acid score for chia seeds is 91 out of a possible 100.


Compared with other protein-packed seeds such as flax seeds, chia seeds dwarf the score. This near-perfect amino acid profile is an excellent complete protein source for vegetarians who lack protein from not eating meat. But also for athletes and bodybuilders this protein is a very suitable source of energy. Chia seeds are a perfect protein source this is especially true for people who eat little or no animal products such as vegetarians.


What’s most important in chia seeds, a good balance of essential amino acids was found, which means that our bodies can make fully use of the protein in them. These findings are underlined by a second study.




It is found that chia seeds is an excellent complete protein source.

This near perfect amino acid profile that your body can make fully use of the protein in the seeds. Protein is very important for all sorts of benefits for health. People focused on losing weight or controlling their weight are directly connected to their protein intake.

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